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Dalmatian stone soup

Hiking Paklenica
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Yes, you've read it correctly, it's a soup made from stone found on the sea bottom.
So finally you find yourself relaxing on a beautiful beach of Starigrad Paklenica after day spent hiking in the National Park. The sun is burning and the view of the surroundings is stunning. There are many sea urchins in the water which means that the sea is perfectly clean.

After swimming you start to feel hungry. It would be great to catch a fish or two but you didn't bring any fishing gear with you what so ever. Limpet can do really well in nice risotto, but it's too hard to detach them even with a knife.

Stone soup! That's it! You just need to dive into the sea and find a perfect stone. It needs to be honeycombed with some inhabitanats, like clams and shrimps, in it. As for the rest to finish the soup you will need some onion, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, olive oil and some spices. Everything needs to be boiled on light fire until cooked. Take the stone out, strain the soup, add some rice to it and voilà, as funny as it sounds your stone soup is ready.

Jugo - a perfect excuse for laziness

Hiking Paklenica
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Tags: jugolazyholidays
Jugo is a strong warm southeastern wind that originates in the Arabian or Sahara deserts moving accross the Mediterranean sea.

Her Majesty - Bura

Hiking Paklenica
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Tags: burapaklenicavelebit
Many legends have been told about this powerful Adriatic north wind, like the one that says that Bura originates at the very gates of hell on Velebit (Paklenica).

Wild asparagus foraging while geocaching

Hiking Paklenica
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Foraging for wild asparagus is our favorite spring activity here in Croatia which you can easily combine with hiking and geocaching.
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