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5 reasons why you should never visit Starigrad Paklenica :)

Hiking Paklenica
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Here at Paklenica Sport Apartments, we do not consider it our responsibility - or even our right – to attempt to sell people Starigrad Paklenica. There are people who are attracted to it as a travel destination and there are people who are not. This list is intended to avoid major disappointment in that latter group, and to clarify those guests of ours who actually do get the most out of their visit. Some reasons that you should consider before visiting:

1. Lack of crowd: From its restaurants and bars to streets, Starigrad Paklenica is never too crowded. Even during the high season you will never have to queue for a table at a restaurant or push your way through the streets. If you feel like doing so, we suggest visiting Zadar.

2. Coffee takes hours: There is no such thing as a quick coffee. Once you are setteled in a comfortable chair overlooking the sea and the islands, it will be literally impossible to think of anything else except enjoying your holiday.

3. The weather never changes: With approximately 2700 hours of sun a year you can enjoy different outdoor activities and never be scared to get soaking wet.

4. A lot of physicall activity: Whether you decide to go hiking or geocaching you will definitely have quite a lot of excersize since all the most beautiful parts of Paklenica National Park are not accessible by car. There are possibilities for cycling though, but be certain, excersize is guaranteed.

5. Too much nature: Situated between the crystal blue sea and the Velebit mountain, Starigrad Paklenica is surrounded by breathtaking nature. Whether you decide to go for a hike through the Park or kayaking along the coast every moment spent here will be well remembered.

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