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02/2017 - Walking holidays Paklenica - Hiking Paklenica

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Jugo - a perfect excuse for laziness

Hiking Paklenica
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It's widely known that Croatian coast has the abundance of sunny days and that Croats are sun-loving people. Then it's no wonder that nobody in Croatia is too fond of Jugo.

Jugo (or Scirocco in Italian) is a strong warm southeastern wind that originates in the Arabian or Sahara deserts moving accross the Mediterranean sea. While passing over the Mediterranean, the Jugo picks up moisture which results in rainfall along the coast. Due to the red sand mixed with the falling rain, sometimes after Jugo all the cars covered in red dust seem like they've been on a safari. Usually it blows from autumn until spring, but it can happen during summer too.

It is said that Jugo causes depression, body aches, pains and grumpiness, so Jugo is blamed for everything from low productivity, mental breakdowns, headaches, broken legs and it's always acceptable excuse for laziness.

In the old Dubrovnik Republic, no laws were passed during Jugo as it was believed to blur people's judgement. Even criminals were pardoned if the crime, specially murder, had been comitted during Jugo.

Once when you are in Croatia and find yourself and others in an oddly grumpy and lazy mood while it's raining, don't worry, it's not you, it's Jugo.  

Her Majesty - Bura

Hiking Paklenica
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Many legends have been told about this powerful Adriatic north wind, like the one that says that Bura originates at the very gates of hell on Velebit (Paklenica).

Wild asparagus foraging while geocaching

Hiking Paklenica
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Foraging for wild asparagus is our favorite spring activity here in Croatia which you can easily combine with hiking and geocaching.

5 reasons why you should never visit Starigrad Paklenica :)

Hiking Paklenica
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There are people who are attracted to it as a travel destination and there are people who are not. This list is intended to avoid major disappointment in that latter group, and to clarify those guests of ours who actually do get the most out of their visit.

Discovering Starigrad Paklenica

Hiking Paklenica
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As you drive closer and closer toward Starigrad Paklenica, the colossal Velebit mountain appears in front of your eyes looking as though it's been painted below the blue sky.
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