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Her Majesty - Bura

Hiking Paklenica
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Have you ever wondered why islands seen from Velebit have that specific lunar landscape? Well the answer is one word - Bura. Many legends have been told about this powerful Adriatic north wind, like the one that says that Bura originates at the very gates of hell on Velebit (Paklenica) – where first Croatian novel writer Peter Zoranić  had placed it.

The changeable Bura blows in gusts and it is most common during the winter. It blows hardest when a polar high-pressure area sits over the snow-covered mountains of the interior plateau behind the Dinaric coastal mountain range and a calm low-pressure area lies further south over the warmer Adriatic. As the air grows even colder and thus denser at night, Bura increases.

The area where the strongest bura winds occur is the Velebit mountain that represents a huge weather and climatic divide between the sharp continental climate of the interior, characterized by significant day/night temperature differences throughout the year, and the Adriatic coast, with a Mediterranean climate.

Bura can reach speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour, while the record gust was measured at speed of 304 kilometers per hour near Sveti Rok Tunnel.  It almost always blows under sunny skies often lasting for several days, but the last Buras of the winter season should blow in March, and it is believed that if three days of Bura occur in this month, the summer will be warm, without interruption.

If you climb on Velebit after Bura cleaned the sky – you’ll even be able to see Italian coast across the Adriatic. Thanks to the powerful and legendary – Bura.

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