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Seline beach - Pisak

Hiking Paklenica
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Above Seline lies the old town of Jabukovac, where according to legend a Croatian convert to Islam by the name of Jusuf, 800 years ago, offered a native girl a golden apple (most likely a tomato in today's language) and she took this apple and was wed to him.

Jusuf went on to battle and died, while the child his wife bore became the beginning of the family of Jusuf, which kept their Catholic faith, later Croatianised to Jusup.

Until 200 years ago all of Seline's inhabitants lived in Jabukovac, as it was far from the sea where pirates could not see the light from their fires and was therefore more secure.

Pisak is beautiful natural pebble beaches in Seline shore created by the water of the river running through the canyon of Mala Paklenica for centuries and carrying along its alluvium. At the most prominent point of the beach there is a lighthouse where the cache is hidden.

Exact coordinates of  the geocache you can check here.

Wild asparagus foraging while geocaching

Hiking Paklenica
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Foraging for wild asparagus is our favorite spring activity here in Croatia which you can easily combine with hiking and geocaching.

5 reasons why you should never visit Starigrad Paklenica :)

Hiking Paklenica
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There are people who are attracted to it as a travel destination and there are people who are not. This list is intended to avoid major disappointment in that latter group, and to clarify those guests of ours who actually do get the most out of their visit.

Discovering Starigrad Paklenica

Hiking Paklenica
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As you drive closer and closer toward Starigrad Paklenica, the colossal Velebit mountain appears in front of your eyes looking as though it's been painted below the blue sky.
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