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Paklenica National Park is a hiker’s paradise, combining limestone gorges, caves, dense pine forest and meadows. The best way to really get to know Paklenica is hiking. The Park essentially consists of two canyons that lead up to a high plateau in the southern Velebit Mountains.  These two canyons are called Velika (Great) Paklenica and Mala (Small) Paklenica.

The main entrance to Velika Paklenica is accessed from Starigrad and there are several circular day walks starting from here. The scenery here is stunning as these trails snake through the narrow gorge passing beneath the rock face of Anića Kuk that is popular with rock climbers.  The gorge then opens out with different paths and trails going in all directions into the forests and higher into the mountains. The entrance to Mala Paklenica is accessed from Seline, 5 km south of Starigrad. Mala Paklenica has deliberately been left undeveloped to protect its status as untouched wilderness.

The wealth of the local flora is reflected in the list of 1000 plant species and subspecies recorded to date, 79 of which are endemic. The great diversity of rare and protected species make the park a very valuable botanical resource, not just in Croatia, but in all of Europe as well. The vertical stratification of habitats in Paklenica provides home to diverse fauna. Birds comprise the most numerous group, accounting for about 230 species.
Placed between the two canyons, directly on the sea front, the Paklenica Sport Apartments are a convenient starting point for your hiking adventure. You can choose your trail depending on whether you are an experienced hiker or just a beginner, want to spend the whole day in the park or just few hours. There is plenty to do for everyone!

The most popular trails in the park are well-marked; nevertheless our guests often ask us to guide them through the park and we love to do that. We will also plan and lead hikes for organized groups. Finally, your hike can be part of a geocaching adventure – an outdoor activity that is gaining more and more popularity around the world. The number of geocaches in the Paklenica area is growing, and searching for them will keep you busy for the entire holiday!

If you follow the route shown on the map above, you will get a very good overview of the park. Starting from the sea coast, through the canyon, and across the cliffs, you will enjoy scenic views of the sea and the canyon, and the surrounding countyside. The hike takes about five to seven hours depending on the route you have chosen. The difficulty of the route is moderate to hard. A detailed description of the route is here.

For further information on other activities and accommodation in Starigrad-Paklenica, please visit paklenica-sport.com.

You can find more information on popular hiking trails on the official website of NP Paklenica paklenica.hr.

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